Mirror glaze mousse cakes

Galaxy cake 

Milk chocolate mousse with mango, passion fruit & hazelnut fillings. Chocolate cake & hazelnut crunchy layer.

An impressive galaxy style cake design.

12-14 portions



50 shades of red

Dark chocolate mousse, red berries & vanilla fillings. Red velvet cake & hazelnut crunchy layer.

A unique combination of mirror glaze and velvet texture.

12-14 portions


Dougnut ring

White chocolate mousse with raspberry & lemon fillings. Vanilla cake & white chocolate crunchy layer.

Fabulous doughnut shaped mousse cake with mirror glaze finish.

12-14 portions


8 portions 


Strawberry Gem

Strawberry mousse with vanilla & custard fillings Lemon cake & hazelnut crunchy layer.

Beautifull gem-shaped cake.

12-14 portions



Spider web 

Dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut and caramel fillings. Chocolate cake & hazelnut crunchy layer.

A unique web effect technique applied.

12-14 portions


8 portions


Blue& Black Marble

Milk chocolate mousse with cherry & vanilla fillings.

Toffee cake & hazelnut crunchy layer.

Marble like finish that will impress everyone!

12-14 portions


9 portions


Fire Phoenix

Mango & passion fruit mousse with chocolate - hazelnut filling. Chocolate cake &  crunchy hazelnut layer.

An impressive mirror glaze cake, created with tornado technique. 


12-14 portions


Mini pills

White chocolate mousse with strawberry filling, crunchy layer & lemon cake

 £6 each

Custom designs

Custom and hand made designs. Please send an enquiry with details and photos as reference, and I'll design and create a special creation for you and your event. The price will depend on the complexity of the design and might go down or up.



12-14 portion

8 portions



Mini globe 

Milk chocolate mousse with caramel & hazelnut filling, hazelnut feuilletine,

 chocolate cake.

£6.5 each


Dark chocolate mousse with raspberry and vanilla heart, crunchy pistachio layer on chocolate cake. Hand rose shaped cake.


               ( serves 2)

DIY Apple

Strawberry mousse , dipped in milk chocolate & cocoa nibs, topped with milk chocolate mousse mini doughnut rings and strawberry compote. 


Heart shaped entremet

Milk chocolate mousse with strawberry confit & vanilla cream on chocolate cake with crunchy hazelnut biscuit layer.

Heart-shaped mousse cake, a perfect gift that says more than words!


8 portions



Single tone & fresh fruits

White chocolate mousse infused with lemon zest, mixed berries and vanilla cream filling, vanilla cake with crunchy hazelnut biscuit layer. Finished with single tone mirror glaze and fresh fruit decor. 

12-14 portions


8 portions


Velvet texture Atomic

Milk chocolate mousse with cherry & vanilla fillings.

chocolte cake & hazelnut crunchy layer.

12-14 portions






Bespoke Mirror glaze finish mousse cake

       Create your very own dream cake!

To create your bespoke very special mousse cake please choose:

  1. Type of mousse

  2. Fillings( we recommend a max of two layers of fillings inside your cake to keep it well balanced)

  3. Type and flavour of the cake base

  4. Colours of your mirror glaze finish

  5. Additional decorations 

  6. Additional crunchy base


  • Vanilla

  • Toffe

  • Chocolate

  • Red Velvet

  • Brown sugar

  • Carrot

  • Banana

  • Lemon

  • Coconut

  • Chocolate & Vanilla







  • Fruit mousse

  • White chocolate

  • Milk chocolate

  • Dark chocolate

  • Nuts mousse

  • Chocolate and nuts mousse


  • Fruit jellies

  • Flavoured chantilly cream

  • Pannacotta

  • Rice pudding 

  • Layer or cake inside the mousse

  • Caramel

Please ask for possible additional decorations, crunchy bases, chocolate writing or anything else that you would like to include into your cake.

Contact us if you have any questions or need advice on your choice. Pav's Puds Cakes are always happy to answer all your questions!


Below you can find preview explaining the way mouse cake is built. 

**Vegan/Vegetarian/Dairy-free/Egg-free and other options are available to order - please contact us for details. +20% to the regular price*0

**Cakes for 25+ people (Wedding cakes, Baby shower cakes, Birthday cakes etc) are available to order - please contact us in advance for prices and details**

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